NAVREF/VA Office of Research & Development Partnered Research Program

NAVREF/VA Office of Research & Development Partnered Research Program

The Challenges
  • Novel precision medicine therapies for Veterans and civilians are urgently needed to give doctors better tools to treat many disorders and address the variability seen in many conditions, including PTSD
  • Clinical studies offer hope, but time to VA site trial launch averages 100 days more than non-VA sites, according to industry data
  • Inherent delays slow progress in the fight against brain trauma disorders and increase costs for trial sponsors
Our Goals
  • Improve Veterans’ access to new clinical trials and cutting-edge treatments by bolstering the VA clinical research enterprise
  • Decreasing the average clinical site start-up time by 100 days by partnering with NAVREF/ORD to identify and implement solutions
CVB & Partners Approach

Streamline clinical trialsTo streamline the initiation of innovative clinical trials, CVB is supporting NAVREF’s new VA Office of Research and Development-led Partnered Research Program (PRP) and its recently-launched Industry Consortium of which CVB is a founding member

Research PartnershipsPRP is facilitating critical research trial partnerships by enhancing VA infrastructure, ensuring inclusion of Veterans, and removing the barriers toward world-class health solutions

Fostering CollaborationNAVREF Industry Consortium to foster collaboration and grow industry sponsorship, enabling more Veteran clinical research participation and new therapeutic interventions

CVB and NAVREF logos

CVB is proud to be a Champion Sponsor of NAVREF.
New Collaboration Gives Veterans Better Access To Innovative Research Trials

CVB is extending its commitment to Veterans’ brain health by supporting NAVREF and ORD-led Partnered Research Program (PRP). Learn More


COVID-19 Trial Activated in Under a Week Through New Research Program

Launch of the PRP enabled NIAID to partner with the VA on its rapidly activated Covid-19 trial. Learn More

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