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2016 Cohen Veterans Care Summit
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Help Us Make
Veterans' Brain Diseases
Predictable, Treatable
and Curable

We are making progress, but need
your support to achieve our goals.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience Webinar Series - Webinars for PTSD, TBI Research
Orion Bionetworks - a unique alliance of researchers, patient advocates and data specialists

Cohen Veterans Bioscience
is a unique alliance of researchers,
patient advocates and data specialists

We are committed to accelerating the discovery
of new treatments, cures and diagnostics.


Transforming Science to Advance  Veterans Brain Health


We invite the best & the brightest to share their innovative ideas to accelerate translation of basic science to diagnostics, treatments, and cures.



The Orion Bionetworks Alliance

We are life science researchers, clinicians, engineers, computational modelers, and patient advocates forging a unique cooperative alliance to transform our understanding of Veterans’ Brain Diseases.


Join the Cohen Veteran Biosciences computational modeling community

We are adopting state-of-the-art technologies from genomics to biosensors to predictive computer simulations of disease in order to accelerate the discovery of new treatments and cures.



  • Listening to Veterans: Garrett Combs
    Listening to Veterans: Garrett Combs

    Garrett Combs brings a unique perspective to our Listening to Veterans series. As a Veteran and documentary filmmaker, Garrett has battled PTSD and has interviewed over 100 veterans about their time in war and coming home, giving him a rich understanding of this complex experience. Garrett joined the Army…