Listening to Veterans: A Discussion with

Jeff Sabados, MBA, MPP

We are honored to speak with Jeff Sabados for our Listening to Veterans series. Jeff has accomplished a lot during his career in the military and as an entrepreneur. He served in the military for 8 years completing six deployments as a Surface Warfare Office and US Navy SEAL. Adding to an impressive military resume, Jeff holds a Masters degree from Harvard University and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. An experienced entrepreneur, Jeff co-founded Resilience Therapeutics in 2014, a company dedicated to assembling the best biotech scientists and research organizations in the world to generate disease-modifying therapeutics for Veterans suffering from PTSD.

By passionately engaging in a multitude of research efforts and bringing them under one tent with industry-experienced scientific leadership, Cohen Veteran Bioscience will enable current and future research toward new therapeutics to accelerate at a rate never seen before.  

Although cognitive behavioral therapy can be effective, access to a therapist can be challenging, and the wait times to see a therapist can be months. Some Veterans may live in an underserved area which requires them to travel far to a VA or care center to receive treatment.

In addition, many Veterans need access to sustainable and rewarding employment opportunities coupled with effective social support groups similar to what the VFW and Foreign Legion provided after World War II.  Fortunately, certain forms of Social Media will be able to bring Veterans and support networks together to make a meaningful impact.  

Finding sustainable jobs and strong social support by Veteran’s employers, families and the community.

The incredible passion and commitment of each and every participant.  Over 200 participants that are dedicating their careers and every day life to making a difference.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience is providing scientific thought leadership toward PTSD research similar to what the Michael J. Fox Foundation is doing for Parkinson’s.  In five years, PTSD research and understanding could advance more than it has since 9/11, or the last 15 years.

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