Alliance Partner Spotlight: Early Signal Foundation

Alliance Partner Spotlight: Early Signal Foundation

Alliance Partner Spotlight:

Early Signal Foundation

Early Signal is a non-profit organization centered on universal, yet personalized, health-monitoring solutions based on wearable and smart devices that will generate extensive real-time biometric data.

Based on the belief that health is a fundamental right, the aim of Early Signal is to offer technologies that will open up patient healthcare data silos.  Real-time and individualized disease monitoring is central to rapidly evolving medical sciences and technologies. However, for the vast majority of patients, monitoring of disease progression and treatment are only being done in an irregular and discontinuous fashion. Consequently, disease progression and relapse are often allowed to proceed too far before they are detected, compromising the possibility of any effective treatment.

Integrated Data Capture System

Early Signal is creating an integrated system for the capture, integration, and analysis of data that are relevant for accurately assessing disease progression and recovery from trauma, predicting catastrophic health events, improving early diagnosis, reducing placebo effects, and expanding telehealth. In creating this system, Early Signal is highly aware that small signs and symptoms may prove enormously consequential to long-term health.

To ensure early capture of such signals, it will be critical to continuously capture data that humans are generating by employing wearable devices. In this construct, the continuous acquisition of data may be the future of medicine.

Current devices for collecting data include hardware such as smartwatches, smartphones, armbands, and electronic tattoos, as well as sensors for glucose levels, gait, locomotion, sleep, heart rate, and GPS. In addition, software has been created to assist with speech recognition, phone forensics, and health care applications. However, current technology is missing a universal, integrated system that can be:

  • Used to handle unstructured continuous passive data
  • Applied to a myriad of different applications
  • Used in hospitals, clinical trials, and in telehealth
  • Tunable to different aspects of disease to answer different questions
  • Programmed to extract day-by-day information
  • Used as a central hub for information processing

In developing the Early Signal system, the goal is to incorporate as many devices and biosensors as possible to capture different domains including physiological processes and perceptual, cognitive, and motor function. Several studies are in the planning process, including ones for PTSD, brain cancer, and autism.

Partnership with Cohen Veterans Bioscience

Early Signal is an Alliance Partner of Cohen Veterans Bioscience, which funds the PTSD study and provides sponsorship for related activities.