National Trauma Survivors Day: A Soldier’s Recovery

National Trauma Survivors Day: A Soldier’s Recovery

May 16, 2018 is National Trauma Survivors Day.

A Soldier’s Recovery

Dr. John E. Cebak, 1LT of the Kentucky Army National Guard

John CebakWhile serving as a combat medic in Iraq, John E. Cebak experienced the trauma both of taking enemy lives and attempting to save his wounded comrades. When his tank overturned in a drainage ditch, nearly drowning him, he received a head injury and returned home.

He initially hoped for a quick fix: “a magic pill.” Johnny soon learned that there is no such thing.

Eventually he entered cognitive processing therapy, an intensive, 13-week program that required him to relive his tank accident in detail. Johnny credits it with allowing him to get his life back on track, but he still suffers cognitive deficits and relapses of PTSD. After finishing college, Johnny earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Kentucky and is now in medical school.

“I invite you to ask yourself, do you have the fortitude to work at the pace that matches the rate of 20 suicides a day?”


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