RAPID-Dx Workshop: Best Practices and Technologies for Biomarker Discovery and Development

RAPID-Dx Workshop: Best Practices and Technologies for Biomarker Discovery and Development

May 6-7, 2019 – Cambridge, MA

RAPID-Dx - Research Alliance for PTSD/TBI Innovation & Discovery DiagnosticsThe workshop sponsored by RAPID-Dx (Research Alliance for PTSD/TBI Innovation & Discovery Diagnostics) will convene experts from academia, government, and industry to discuss technological platforms for advancing biomarker discovery and development in PTSD and clinical co-presentations.

Over the course of four panel discussions on distinct biomarker modalities, we will assess the current research landscape around candidate and novel biomarkers of trauma-related brain disorders. Discussions will center on the available technological platforms and assays for each biomarker modality, including on-going efforts for standardization and harmonization.

The program will include presentations from leaders in the field followed by in-depth discussions to address Workshop Objectives, which include:

  1. Reviewing the research landscape and prioritizing current biomarker in the context of clinical applications (“indications of use”) of these biomarkers
  2. Discussing best-practices and the scalability of biomarker modalities for developing biological mechanism-based classifications (taxonomy) of disease, improving diagnostic efforts, and predicting treatment response
  3. Prioritizing candidate biomarkers/platforms that meet technical readiness levels for replication and/or validation and discussing the need for assay comparison efforts

Proceedings from the workshop will be prepared and made available to the research community for feedback and future roadmap development.

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