Marine Veteran to BASE Jump 22 Times to Bring Awareness to the Incidence of Suicide

Marine Veteran to BASE Jump 22 Times to Bring Awareness to the Incidence of Suicide

Tragically Up To 22 American Veterans Commit Suicide Daily

BASE Jumping for Awareness

Marine Veteran Infantryman and Scout Sniper Tristan Wimmer is BASE Jumping to remove the stigma of mental health and bring awareness to the staggering number of suicides among veterans and others who suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

He’s pledged to jump 22 times in one day to raise money for research that will help make brain trauma more detectable and treatable. 

Our country’s heroes are increasingly taking their own lives after they return from war. Tristan’s own brother – a Raider and Recon Marine Veteran with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) sustained in Iraq – struggled with injury-related depression and anxiety for a decade before he succumbed to suicide. Today, suicide is a growing epidemic leaving a wake of destruction in its path and the feeling that the fight against brain trauma is futile.

BASE JumpingWith this event, Tristan desires to bring hope to this epidemic by collaborating with the non-profit biotech Cohen Veterans Bioscience (CVB) to raise money for brain health research and new solutions. He chose to work with CVB after researching organizations that were leading innovative efforts to address brain trauma research.

This event starts at 6 am on February 8, 2020 – jumps will take place over the course of 12 hours (2 jumps per hour) at the Echo Canyon Summit Trail (BASE Jumping area), Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona.

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