22 Jumps: Memorial Day Weekend 2022, Twin Falls, Idaho

22 Jumps: Memorial Day Weekend 2022, Twin Falls, Idaho

22 Jumps: Memorial Day Weekend 2022 in Twin Falls, Idaho

Parachuting with Purpose: Save The Date for 22 Jumps on Memorial Day Weekend, 2022 in Twin Falls, Idaho.22 Jumps - Twin Falls, Idaho

This year we have three jumpers all attempting 22 jumps from the Perrine Bridge in a single day: Andrew Katz, US Army; Brittany Cantwell, Dept. of Veterans Affairs; and Nick Cliche, US Air Force.

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About 22 Jumps

In 2020, Marine Veteran Tristan Wimmer founded 22 Jumps — a series of fundraising events where Veterans and others BASE jump 22 times in a single day to raise awareness and funds in honor of the 22 Veterans and service members who lose their battle to suicide each day. Tristan has dedicated his time and efforts to 22 Jumps in honor of his brother who took his own life after sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Iraq while serving in the United States Marine Corps. TBI is a major risk factor for suicide. 22 Jumps supports CVB’s research, with the goal of making TBI more detectable and treatable.


How To Get Involved and Make a Difference

Please join the 22 Jumps campaign — as a spectator, sponsor or supporter — for suicide prevention awareness and CVB’s brain trauma research.

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