4 Ways You Can Support Brain Research for Veterans

Learn how you can support brain research for Veterans during this Giving Season.



1. Help spread the word and follow us!

Have you checked out our new social media pages yet? Take a look and follow us or share us with your followers.

Be part of the Cohen Veterans Bioscience community and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest breakthroughs in Veterans’ mental health.

2. Support us while you shop.

You can support Cohen Veterans Bioscience while doing your holiday shopping on Amazon.com.

With the Amazon Smile Program a portion of your purchase will go to Cohen Veterans Bioscience to help us find new diagnostics and treatments – just use this link to shop.

3. Honor a Veteran.

Honor a Veteran with a donation to Cohen Veterans Bioscience. Our mission is to serve those who have served us, and improve the lives of Veterans and their families by finding better diagnostics and treatments for PTSD and TBI. Chose to have your tribute listed in a special section on our website.

4. Contribute to one of our programs.

Did you know that all donations go directly to fund research? We are launching new programs that will have a big impact on how we understand, diagnose and treat PTSD and TBI:

  • Genome Wide Association Study of PTSD: This collaboration will lead the search for replicable genetic associations and new insights into the genetic and molecular underpinnings of PTSD, leading to novel drug targets and biomarkers for PTSD.
  • NYU Chronic PTSD & TBI Biomarkers Study: This research is exploring biomarkers of disease in veterans affected by PTS or TBI to help identify improved treatments and diagnostics for individuals who suffer chronically from these conditions.

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