June 5, 2019

Announcing the Speakers and Agenda for the 2019 State of the Science Summit

We are excited to announce the speakers for the 2019 State of the Science Summit, including leaders in the field from organizations across government, industry, academia, clinical practice, and more.
When? June 5, 2019
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View the Speakers for the 2019 State of the Science Summit

Two days of interactive sessions will provide stakeholders with a multi-faceted assessment of the TBI research, policy and clinical care landscape. The sessions will help develop a roadmap forward for advancing translational science for TBI.

View the Agenda for the 2019 State of the Science Summit

The theme of the second State of the Science Summit will be: Paths to Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury(s) Building a Global Multidisciplinary Consensus Recommendation to Drive Translational Science for TBI, with a focus on the taxonomy and nosology of the chronic sequelae, challenges and opportunities in clinical practice and development, and etiology and mechanism of persistent symptoms. As measurement tools advance, research has been able to focus on different types of injury, beyond the mild, moderate, and severe classifications. To augment and support the many efforts across fields and organizations over the past decade, we aim to map a consensus blueprint to drive translational science for TBI.

This is an invitation-only event. However, we are interested in connecting with new stakeholders and thought leaders in the field of diagnosis or treatment of trauma-related brain disorders, such as TBI and related comorbidities, including those interested in:

  • Development of diagnostic, prognostic, susceptibility, or treatment response biomarkers
  • Development of new diagnostics or companion diagnostics
  • Development of therapeutics
  • Development of tools relevant to trauma-related brain disorders, such as new analytic methods, or outcomes to enable discovery

Your expertise is valued and we hope you can connect with us to amplify the impact of these efforts.

Learn more about the 2019 State of the Science Summit at BrainTraumaBlueprint.org

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