March 11, 2017

ECNP Workshop for Junior Scientists in Europe – March 11, 2017 in Boston, MA

On March 11th, our CEO and President, Dr. Magali Haas, joined more than 100 junior scientists at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology to discuss Data sharing, reproducibility and team science.
When? March 11, 2017
Where? Nice, France
More Information:

During this three-day workshop in Nice, France, junior scientists from Europe are brought together with research leaders to discuss the latest advances and perspectives on specific topics. By promoting and encouraging the development of junior scientists seeking to pursue research careers in neuropsychopharmacology, the ECNP Workshop aims to stimulate high-quality experimental and clinical research in mental disorders and their treatments.

Dr. Haas presented on key trends in neuroscience research that will support robust, translatable and reproducible research including the focus on systems-based modeling, need for large cohort data, and a focus on reproducibility science to address design, bias, and statistical analysis planning. She shared progress in support of this agenda made by the Preclinical Data Network which is sponsored by ECNP and supported by Cohen Veterans Bioscience.

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