June 20, 2017

State of the Science: Exploring Best Practices in Traumatic Stress Genomics – June 20, 2017 in Cambridge, MA

This conference is open to all members of the research community (academic, industry, public) who have an interest in psychiatric trauma-related research and applications of best practices to genetics research.
When? June 20, 2017
Where? Broad Institute Auditorium

415 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

More Information:

Cohen Veterans Bioscience and the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Genetics at the Broad Institute proudly sponsor a 1-day workshop to explore the state of the science in PTSD genetics and to share rationale and guidance for best practices in genomics research drawn from case studies of other areas of complex disease.


  • Review PTSD research challenges in the age of consortium science
  • State of genetics research across other complex diseases
  • Best practices in the design and analysis of genetic studies

Learn More at the PTSD Genetics Workshop Website

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