Leadership & Collaboration

Collaboration is key to accelerating solutions for brain trauma. In addition to our internal team of translational science leaders, we bring together international subject-matter experts. We serve as a connecting hub bringing communities together across government, academia, industry, and people with lived experience, to accelerate the field as a whole. The goal of translational research is to translate findings in fundamental research into medical practice and improved health outcomes for patients.

Fostering a collaborative approach to advancing solutions for brain trauma

Galvanizing the brain health ecosystem


Brain Health Nexus

The Brain Health Nexus initiative aims to unleash science and technology to build a new paradigm of collaboration to optimize brain health and prevent brain disease. In the current research landscape, each brain disease is addressed separately. But these diseases do not exist in isolation. We need coordinated action to broaden the focus from treating diseases at crisis points to prevention and wellness across the lifespan. It will take one interconnected community to break down barriers and borders, share data and insights, and bridge capital and opportunity.

Identifying biomarkers for brain disorders

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