A Message from CEO Peter Hoehn

Peter Hoehn, CEO of Cohen Veterans Bioscience

Almost 12 years ago, Dr. Magali Haas, Founder and Former CEO, created what would become Cohen Veterans Bioscience (CVB) with the inspirational vision to advance brain health through cutting-edge research and technology. As we kick off another year, and I start my new role as CEO, I’m humbled and inspired by the incredible momentum CVB has gained. I’m honored to have the opportunity to build on the strong foundation Magali created and to help such a talented team continue to advance brain trauma research that will lead to new diagnostics and therapies to help the millions of people who suffer from the devastating impact of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I’m truly excited about the opportunity we have at CVB, and believe we are uniquely positioned to make a real difference for patients. Prior to joining CVB, I spent most of my career in industry working with researchers and developers to bring new healthcare innovations to market intended to fulfill important unmet needs. In this work, I found there are unmet needs that industry is not able to address adequately. So I am very excited to have the opportunity to help CVB’s talented scientists and researchers bridge this gap with a not-for-profit mindset focused on the only end goal that matters—helping people who are suffering from brain trauma.

With CVB’s unique capabilities and community of diverse stakeholders, this will be an exciting year for spurring innovation and advancements. This year, we have many exciting initiatives ahead of us, including:

  • Growing the TBI Action Alliance to speed the development of diagnostics and treatments for people living with TBI.
  • Identifying new PTSD biomarkers that can predict how a person may respond to treatment—which will also help our efforts to identify and validate new drug targets that can quickly lead to new, effective treatments.
  • Advancing our discovery and research platform, BRAINCommons, which will serve as the data core for research by CVB and our partners, fostering collaboration and catalyzing new discoveries.
  • Implementing a new partnership with Cohen Veterans Network, testing our digital health platform in a clinical setting and working together to validate our proprietary AI-based model that could help predict outcomes and make treatment options more effective and efficient for patients.

As I plan for the days, months and years ahead, and we continue to make progress every day, I’m reminded of the goal that drives our research and innovation: to improve the lives of people suffering from PTSD and TBI.

I am grateful for your continued support as we seek to further this mission.



Peter Hoehn, JD
Chief Executive Officer
Cohen Veterans Bioscience

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