Cohen Veterans Bioscience Announces Appointment of Dave DeMarco to Board of Directors

Cohen Veterans Bioscience is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Dave DeMarco to its Board of Directors.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience, a non-profit dedicated to fast-tracking the development of diagnostic tests and personalized therapeutics for the millions of Veterans and civilians who suffer the devastating effects of trauma-related brain disorders, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Dave DeMarco to its Board of Directors.

DeMarco’s 25-year track record of executive and operational leadership in the life sciences and healthcare industries, including structuring innovative partnerships between non-profits and biopharma companies, will be instrumental to the organization’s strategy to deepen industry engagement and investment in brain trauma therapeutic development. This is particularly important for brain trauma-related disorders, where there are few FDA-approved treatments and a limited understanding of the biological underpinnings of the disorders.

Dr. DeMarco serves as Chief Strategy Officer for Material Health Strategies and works with c-suite executives on growth strategies and team performance in both the for-profit and non-for-profit industries. He previously served as Chair of the Board of the American Diabetes Association, led Ernst & Young’s Northeast Life Sciences practice and was the Deputy Leader of the US Healthcare Practice. Dr. DeMarco received his B.S. from Grove City College and Ph.D. in chemistry from Purdue University.

Dr. DeMarco will be joining our deep and diverse bench of executives, Veterans and biomedical experts including Dr. David Biondi, Theresa Frangiosa, Dr. Magali Haas, Douglas Haynes, and Michael Sullivan.  Cohen Veterans Bioscience and our partners are actively working to advance transformative research for these conditions. Together, we want to speed the discovery of first-generation diagnostics, treatments, and cures for posttraumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and other debilitating brain conditions.

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