Interview with Bibi Carmouche, BASE Jumper for 22 Jumps Camelback Mountain 2024

Bibi Carmouche, BASE jumper for 22 Jumps Camelback Mountain 2024
BASE Jumper Bibi Carmouche discusses the importance of brain trauma research and how she came to BASE jump for 22 Jumps.

My name is Bibi Carmouche, I have lived in AZ for almost 10 years now. I originally moved out here for nursing school but quickly fell in love with this beautiful desert and decided to never leave! I have been a Trauma ICU nurse for the past 6 years and I am currently working on becoming a flight nurse with a local air medical crew here in AZ.

Before sky sports, I raced stand up jet skis all around the country and won 3 different World titles in both the women’s and men’s classes. I started skydiving in July 2020 and BASE jumping just a few months after that. BASE jumping has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people and I am honored to be one of the jumpers for this event and to be a part of the 22 jumps family.

Although I was never in the military, I am surrounded by many friends and family members that are either currently serving or have served. Being a Trauma ICU nurse, I have seen firsthand how suicide has affected our servicemen and women and I am very passionate about trying to come up with positive solutions for those suffering.

I will never forget this particular patient of mine who I spent many days with in the Trauma ICU… He is a retired Marine and he unfortunately was battling severe depression and PTSD potentially stemming from the multiple traumatic brain injuries that he obtained while serving, so much so that he attempted to commit suicide but failed… His life was forever altered from the injuries he suffered from this attempt… After weeks in the ICU and a lot of rehabilitation, he was able to go home to his family and his kids! In the end, he was so thankful to still be alive and to be there for his children in whatever capacity that might be, despite the challenges he knew he would be facing.

Watching him go through this tragic time and getting to spend hours talking to him about his life in the military and the challenges he faced afterwards, was something I will never forget. Those moments with him left me wanting to be able to do more for our veterans, but I never really knew where to begin. When I found out about the 22 jumps organization and what they are doing to dive deeper into researching TBIs and trying to get a better understanding of how they affect one’s brain, I knew that this was an organization I wanted to be a part of.

Funding for this kind of research is so important and absolutely needed in order to continue to try to help save lives before it’s too late. I hope this event will help people realize just how tragic it is to lose an estimated 22 veterans a day to suicide, and that there are ways we can come together to help make a difference.

Bibi Carmouche, BASE jumper for 22 Jumps Camelback Mountain 2024  Bibi Carmouche, BASE jumper for 22 Jumps Camelback Mountain 2024

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