Statement on Racial Justice

Cohen Veterans Bioscience stands united in its condemnation of racism, xenophobia, systemic injustice and police brutality. For far too long, communities of color here in America and around the world have disproportionately endured the impacts of trauma from systems that were not created equally for all.

As a mental health research organization, we continue to be committed to being intentional in our efforts to heal the invisible wounds of trauma for all individuals, regardless of their race, gender or ethnicity. We feel strongly about cultivating a culture of inclusivity and are vigilant about involving diverse populations in all of our research programs. We are also aligned with others who want to create structural and lasting change, change that will promote unity, inclusion and safety for all. CVB will continue to listen and learn as an organization and we will continue to ensure that the perspectives of all lived experiences are included as we work to prevent and heal the effects of trauma.

We need to care for all in our society including advocating for those who are victims of injustice.

In Solidarity,

CVB Leadership

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