Funding Opportunities


Our Programs

Cohen Veterans Bioscience funds basic, translational and clinical research that will accelerate progress towards finding new diagnostics and treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.

We selectively fund collaborative partnership programs, grants to individual investigators and internally sponsored research programs.

Our efforts are heavily focused on studies and projects that culminate in essential research tools and data that can drive novel diagnostics and drug development forward.

In addition, our team of experts looks for challenge areas where proactive effort can accelerate progress towards our mission.

We are guided by a Roadmap that prioritizes areas for investment and allows us to quickly deploy resources and expertise where it is needed most.

Areas of Special Focus

Biomarker discovery and qualification – including genetic, imaging, EEG, and other biomarkers of disease and development of standardized assays to support drug discovery and diagnostics development.

Biosensor devices and mobile technologies – advancement of new technologies and tools that help quantify and monitor disease in real-time and with higher precision.

Translational Models – including in vitro, animal and computational models of disease to inform target identification and understanding of molecular pathogenesis and physiology.

Research Tools – investments in critical tools needed to support translational research such as tissue repositories, methodological standards, and data-sharing and analysis platforms.

Clinical Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Observational Studies – including deep clinical , molecular and imaging and biosensor phenotyping of relevant clinical populations to understand the natural history and progression of disease.

Care, Decision Support and Clinical Interventions – exploration of novel treatment strategies, nonpharmacological and pharmacological interventions. Identification of best practice algorithms and development of decision support tools.