BRAIN Commons

BRAIN Commons

We all meet in the Commons.

The BRAIN Commons is a scalable cloud based platform for computational discovery
designed for the brain health community.

The BRAIN Commons allows researchers from around the world access to multimodal data on brain related disorders
to utilize an interoperable system and participate in a collaborative effort of data sharing and state-of-the art predictive analytics.

How the BRAIN Commons Works

How the BRAIN Commons works

  • Provide a scalable cloud based data commons for you to store and access large (petabyte) cohort multimodal data sets
  • Allow access to curated, deeply phenotyped data from multiple studies to allow for hypothesis generation, data exploration, replication, validation and cross disease analysis
  • Bring advanced, best-in-class analytics tools and pipelines to run across your datasets to visualize and explore cohorts. Access and run best-in-class analytics tools and pipelines. Amplify innovation.
  • Simplify data sharing hurdles and offer collaboration opportunities with R&D Peers across Industry, Academia, Government and Nonprofits
  • Interoperate with other commons within a data ecosystem
  • Provide a cost-effective solution by leveraging best-in- class infrastructure and shared maintenance costs.
  • Safeguard and protect data integrity & access
  • Spearheaded by Cohen Veterans Bioscience, a leading global brain health research non-profit foundation.