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Cohen Veterans Bioscience

The ultimate goal is prevention and personalized medicine for brain health.

Our approach is to build enabling platforms with strategic partners and to adopt a team science approach to fast-track solutions in years, not decades.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience - Our Approach

Our Platforms:

BRAIN Commons

The Brain Commons is a scalable, cloud-hosted, big data repository & computing platform with core services for brain health data-driven translational discovery and innovation. The Brain Commons is sponsored by Cohen Veterans Bioscience (CVB) in a collaborative partnership with the Open Commons Consortium and the University of Chicago. The platform is designed with user-friendly tools to empower the Brain Health research community to combine, interpret, and analyze vast and disparate data types from different sources with sophisticated visualization and analytics tools. Learn more at

Translational Toolbox

Our Translational Toolbox drives a new mechanistic understanding of disease.  Translational research aims to “translate” findings in fundamental research into medical practice and meaningful health outcomes for patients.  Our toolbox is focused on providing or developing resources for brain research including biomarkers, preclinical modeling, bio-repositories and reference libraries.

Early Signal – Digital Health Platform

Early Signal, LLC (EaSi), a subsidiary of CVB, provides a leading digital health platform for recording and analyzing a range of information, reported from wearables and other sensors, directly related to the well-being of patients living with brain disorders. These behavioral, cognitive, physiological and contextual data can be used to quantify brain health, improving the ability of clinicians to diagnosis a wide range of brain disorders and to treat them using precision medicine approaches.

Our Mobile Health Platform includes wearables and sensors for real-time, individualized monitoring of behavioral, cognitive, physiological and contextual data, as well as telehealth capability that provides therapeutic sessions by highly skilled clinicians remotely, one-on-one, in an interactive format using video conference or telephony. These platforms are key components for enabling disease prevention, promoting health, and influencing public health policymaking.

Innovation Incubator

Our Innovation Incubator aims to advance a new pipeline of diagnostics and therapeutics by de-risking novel technologies, and accelerating the development and improvement of the probability of successful launch. The Innovation Incubator leverages our investments in the Translational Toolbox and provides expertise, diligence, resources & seed capital to maximize translational likelihood of approval for critical-path innovation.


Our Policy programs aim to increase government funding and interest in trauma-related and other brain research. Through advocacy we can educate congress and government agencies on brain health concerns to shape how our government directs its research dollars and resources to improve brain health.

Explore Our Research Programs

Translational Science


  • Cohen Veterans Center Study
  • Fort Campbell Study
  • Global PTSD Genetics Consortium
  • RAPID-Dx
  • IOP Biomarker Sub-Study
  • BEST Program


  • Biosamples Repository

Preclinical Modeling

  • Preclinical Grants Program (AMP-IT-UP)
  • Preclinical Data Forum
  • Industrialized Animal Modeling

Clinical Programs

Clinical Studies

  • PTSD Adaptive Platform Trial Program
  • National Normative Neuroimaging Library

Outcomes and Data Standards

  • CDISC PTSD Data Standards
  • Contextual Processing Outcomes Program


  • Brainsway – rTMS Biomarker sub-study
  • Springworks – PTSD Therapeutics

Data Science

BRAIN Commons

Computational Modeling

  • Neuro-imaging Pipeline
  • Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative
    (PPMI) Data Core
  • RAPID-Dx Biotyping

Knowledge Engineering

  • PTSD and TBI KnowledgeMap

Digital Health

Device Lab

Early Signal

Validation Programs

  • SleepWell
  • Rett’s Syndrome Project
  • Brain Cancer Project

Our Approach - Cohen Veterans Bioscience