Clinical reporting following the quantification of cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease: An international overview

Published: December, 22 2021 – DOI:
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Constance Delaby, Charlotte E. Teunissen, Kaj Blennow, Daniel Alcolea, Ivan Arisi, Elodie Bouaziz Amar, Anne Beaume, Aurélie Bedel, Giovanni Bellomo, Edith Bigot-Corbel, Maria Bjerke, Marie-Céline Blanc-Quintin, Mercè Boada, Olivier Bousiges, Miles D Chapman, Mari L. DeMarco, Mara D’Onofrio, Julien Dumurgier, Diane Dufour-Rainfray, Sebastiaan Engelborghs, Hermann Esselmann, Anne Fogli, Audrey Gabelle, Elisabetta Galloni, Clémentine Gondolf, Frédérique Grandhomme, Oriol Grau-Rivera, Melanie Hart, Takeshi Ikeuchi, Andreas Jeromin, Kensaku Kasuga, Ashvini Keshavan, Michael Khalil, Peter Körtvelyessy, Agnieszka Kulczynska-Przybik, Jean-Louis Laplanche, Piotr Lewczuk, Qiao-Xin Li, Alberto Lleó, Catherine Malaplate, Marta Marquié, Colin L. Masters, Barbara Mroczko, Léonor Nogueira, Adelina Orellana, Markus Otto, Jean-Baptiste Oudart, Claire Paquet, Federico Paolini Paoletti, Lucilla Parnetti, Armand Perret-Liaudet, Katell Peoc’h, Koen Poesen, Albert Puig-Pijoan, Isabelle Quadrio, Muriel Quillard-Muraine, Benoit Rucheton, Susanna Schraen, Jonathan M. Schott, Leslie M. Shaw, Marc Suárez-Calvet, Magda Tsolaki, Hayrettin Tumani, Chinedu T Udeh-Momoh, Lucie Vaudran, Marcel M Verbeek, Federico Verde, Lisa Vermunt, Jonathan Vogelgsang, Jens Wiltfang, Henrik Zetterberg, Sylvain Lehmann
The current practice of quantifying cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers as an aid in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) varies from center to center. For a same biochemical profile, interpretation and reporting of results may differ, which can lead to misunderstandings and raises questions about the commutability of tests.
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Alzheimer’s & Dementia

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