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We need precision medicine for the brain.

Like many brain disorders, progress toward definitive diagnoses and effective treatments for PTSD and TBI has been hampered by the lack of understanding of the complex underlying biology, patient heterogeneity, and the high comorbidity with other disorders.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience is doing things differently. Our approach is to build enabling platforms with strategic partners and to adopt a team science approach to fast-track solutions in years, not decades.

We bring together the brightest minds and deploy the most innovative scientific tools with an emphasis on scale, risk-minimization, efficiency and speed to advance our understanding of PTSD and TBI. Through rigorous research and breaking down traditional silos, we’re working to bring more accurate diagnostic tests for PTSD and TBI to patients using big data, digital health and innovative technology to match patients to the right treatment.

A pathway to progress in years, not decades

The Status Quo

  • Animal models that fail to translate to human studies
  • Checklist-based self-report symptom assessments
  • Data collection methods that limit big data applications and collaborative science
  • Limited outcome measurement tools that fail to capture the full breadth of symptoms
  • Small, uncoordinated studies that limit biomarker discovery
  • A siloed approach to science that stalls progress

CVB’s Evidence-Driven Approach to Advancing Precision Medicine for Brain Trauma

  • Reproducible animal models that accurately predict treatment response in humans
  • New technologies and tools to drive diagnostic and treatment biomarker discovery tailored to each patient’s unique biology
  • Advanced data analytics that leverage in house expertise and a cloud-based platform to facilitate analysis and sharing across datasets
  • More objective outcome measurement tools that capture the symptoms that matter most to the patient
  • Large, deeply phenotyped cohort studies for biomarker discovery and validation at scale
  • Embracing team science to foster innovation and speed solutions across diseases

Moving away from the one patient, one treatment approach.

Advancing the scientific understanding of PTSD and TBI

Our research and advocacy aim to improve the lives of all people who experience the effects of trauma by:

  • Advancing our understanding of TBI and PTSD through rigorous research, including discovering genetic factors and building predictive data models.
  • Fast-tracking the development of easy-to-use diagnostic tests and guidelines to diagnose TBI and PTSD quickly and accurately.
  • Advancing research that can help match patients to the most effective treatments, including wellness, digital health, drug and device approaches.
  • Advocating for policies that prioritize new solutions for all those affected by brain trauma at the federal, state, and local levels. Learn more about our advocacy efforts.
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From Brain Trauma to Brain Health

Our research to fast-track diagnostics and treatments for PTSD and TBI can be applied to advance solutions for other brain disorders.

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