ClarifyRA: Getting to Holistic Disease Management for RA Patients

ClarifyRA: Getting to Holistic Disease Management for RA Patients


ClarifyRA: Getting to Holistic Disease Management for RA Patients

by Dr. Renée Deehan Kenney, Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Selventa

March 11, 2015 at 12pm ET

RA patients are faced with a myriad of therapeutic choices after failure to respond to first line therapies. While this is encouraging, RA is a progressive disease and time spent on the wrong therapy results in irrevocable disease progression. ClarifyRA is an attempt towards providing a holistic diagnostic that not only provides a molecular measure of patient’s disease activity but also information about the likelihood of response to treatment.

About Dr. Renée Deehan Kenney

renee-webinar-bioDr. Renée Deehan Kenney joined Selventa, a personalized medicine company that specializes in working with large-scale molecular and clinical data in 2006.  As Head of Research, she develops and executes the scientific strategy for Selventa’s internal discovery programs as well as consulting services.  She leverages her understanding of both the industry and client needs to develop custom strategies that translate scientific challenges into navigable solutions that are predicated on her fundamental belief that a comprehensive understanding of the molecular basis of an individual patient’s disease is required for successful target discovery and biomarker development and ultimately for personalized medicine in the clinic.  Dr. Deehan Kenney has led over 50 collaborations with pharmaceutical, consumer product, and academic partners.  Before Selventa, she was earning her Ph.D in molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley and holds a BSE in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.


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