Watch: A former police officer discusses overcoming PTSD

Watch: A former police officer discusses overcoming PTSD

We’re thrilled to have spoken with Christian Nielsen, a former police officer who suffered from work-related PTSD after nearly a decade of police work in Denmark. After his battle with PTSD, Christian joined the Danish Naval Special Warfare group where he worked as a contractor and a commercial diver for six years.

Most recently, Christian founded TRIDENTMIND, a company based in Denmark that specializes in mental resiliency and post-traumatic growth. Christian is passionate about sharing his experience overcoming PTSD in order to help others and recently published the book The Fragmented Mind: A Field Guide to Mental Resiliency & Post-Traumatic Growth (to be released in English later this year). In 2021, Christian completed Project Ultra 22 in which he ran 22 ultra distances to support suicide prevention awareness.

We spoke with him about the challenges he faced, what approaches worked best for him, and what he hopes for the future of PTSD diagnosis and care.

Christian Nielsen

“I hope to be able to bring people hope by telling my story. By telling how I moved on. By telling about post-traumatic growth. I think getting mentally better requires a 360 degree view on everything. If your body is unfit, your mind probably is as well, and vice versa. That’s how I got better, I worked on all the small details. It all adds up. I’d like to share that view with others as well.”

– Christian Nielsen, former police officer and founder of TRIDENTMIND