Recent Presentations & Conferences

Recent Presentations & Conferences

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Allyson Gage Presents at The 2nd Annual Psychedelic Therapeutics & Drug Development Conference

Dr. Allyson GageIn her presentation, Dr. Gage highlighted the multiple pharmacologic targets of psychedelic compounds. She reviewed the hurdles for scalability of psychedelics as therapeutics and provided an overview of the known unknowns with this novel category of potential therapeutics, including whether the psychedelic experience is needed for the therapeutic effect.

Dr. Gage also discussed the need for biomarkers of different types to accelerate the clinical development of these compounds, including biomarkers of therapeutic effect for trial endpoints and demonstration of clinical effect, identifying patient sub-populations, treatment response and more. Click here to watch a video of Dr. Gage’s presentation.

NNS Lunch Symposium

CVB Sponsors Lunch Symposium at Neurotrauma 2022

Cohen Veterans Bioscience recently sponsored a lunch symposium at Neurotrauma 2022 focused on the Brain Trauma Blueprint—a roadmap to advance solutions for TBI.

Our CEO & President Dr. Magali Haas spoke about a new Public-Private Partnership Coalition being established to support the execution of this new roadmap.

Dr. Magali Haas at the 12th Annual TBI Conference

CVB Attends 12th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference

Our CEO & President Dr. Magali Haas and Executive Director of the BRAINCommons Dr. Maryan Zirkle recently attended the Traumatic Brain Injury Conference to discuss ground-breaking research and ways to improve TBI care.

Dr. Haas spoke about our roadmap approach in her presentation, “The PTSD Research Roadmap: A Model Approach for Discovering New Treatment Opportunities for Traumatic Brain Injury”.