The Power of a Cooperative Bionetwork

Our Approach - Cohen Veterans Bioscience

Cohen Veterans Bioscience was originally launched as Orion Bionetworks in July 2012 with a focus on Multiple Sclerosis. Thanks to generous funding from the Steve A. Cohen Foundation, we changed our name in October 2015 to reflect our commitment to studying Veterans Brain Disorders.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience leads cooperative teams to combine synergistic expertise around biomarkers, disease system biology, high performance computing information technology and big data analytics to integrate and interpret clinical, molecular, imaging and real-world patient data to develop new predictive models for brain disease.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience serves as a trusted, third-party to define a roadmap for program activities, manage diverse stakeholder interests, and ensure on-time and high-quality delivery of results.

Programs are managed by the Cohen Veterans Bioscience Executive Team through a cooperative model of engagement with Alliance Partners.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience arranges bilateral agreements with all Alliance Partners to ensure alignment of data, privacy, publication and intellectual property policies across stakeholder interests.


Open-Science Framework

Cohen Veterans Bioscience along with Scientists everywhere is embracing a more open, collaborative approach to research that transcends the walls of individual laboratories and builds connections across disciplines, geographies and industries.  This type of multi-stakeholder collaboration will accelerate our collective intelligence about disease.

  • Generate and Share Data
  • Generate and Share Tools
  • Generate and Share Models
  • Create Insight

Translation: Bench to Bedside

The core objectives of Cohen Veterans Bioscience include the translation of basic research to next-generation diagnostics, treatments and cures.  Collaboration between the public and private sectors is an essential ingredient in this process.  Better patient care relies on the establishment of a Path to Commercialization.

Investment in Brain Disease development programs has been waning in the face of high risk and low probability of success.

Cohen Veterans Bioscience is addressing these challenges by utilizing a Public-Private Partnership Model approach where Costs, Risks and Rewards are shared including the identification and securing of intellectual property (IP), when needed.

Open-Science Framework

Big Problems that Need Answers

Brain health is the leading personal and socioeconomic challenge of our age, demanding a disruption in how we treat and diagnose disease and create opportunities for prevention and cures.

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