Webinar Series

The Cohen Veterans Bioscience webinar series fosters an exchange of knowledge on the latest breakthroughs in a variety of technical fields including bioinformatics, computational modeling, biomarker research, and nanotechnologies, and will cover how these can be utilized to accelerate time-to-cure for brain disease.

We are also inviting expert speakers to submit proposals for future webinars on the above topics.  Each webinar will be 50 minutes in length, followed by a 10-min Q&A with questions submitted virtually by the participants. All Webinars will be freely open to the entire community.

Upcoming Webinar

  • Cohen Veterans Bioscience Webinar Series

    The Tau Biology Project

    Wednesday, February 15, 2017, at 12 pm ET


    Dr. Kosik will discuss the Tau Biology Project recently undertaken through Cohen Veterans Bioscience. Tau plays a crucial role in many neurodegenerative conditions, including the late sequelae of repeated head injury known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

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